With rapid advancements in technology every passing day, our daily life is becoming more and more intelligent. Gadgets and devices too get outdates so quickly. However, our homes are still replete with yesterday’s amenities. We should now gear up for technological advancements even in our homes that make our abodes more relevant and in sync with the next generation. If you thought that intelligence I is merely restricted to academics, think again. We, at Intelligentia have made “intelligence” synonymous with “smartness”, two qualities that every human being would love to possess.

It is said that change is the only thing that is constant ; from the invention of the wheel to that of robots, human intelligence has constantly evolved. This belief has culminated into the creation of this next gen tower where intelligent living is not an option but the way of life.

Powered with cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art amenities and ultra-modern facilities, the project is set to redefine the skyline of Mumbai. From advanced mechanical stack parking and highest fire safety standards to flawless security systems, the project will leave you spellbound and riveted.

Intelligentia is a future-ready tower that ticks all the right boxes when it comes to nurturing excellence. Intelligence is not merely restricted to the amenities or designs but also to the surrounding ambience, that generates a feel-good factor. Therefore, welcome to Mumbai’s first-ever residential enclave that has “intelligence” stamped all over it.

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Why should you invest in Mulund?

There are several regions that are suitable for real estate projects. However, not all the localities are chosen by the developers for their projects. The reasons could be due to poor infrastructure, high property prices, political reasons, locality issues, and so on. The developers need to consider all the factors before investing their money. And, the same goes for the property buyers. A locality matters a lot to the residents as the region must be well-developed, well-connected, and well-suited for a living.

Mumbai, being a highly-populated city, accommodation issues are common. It isn’t possible for everyone to purchase a home in the centre of the city as the prices would be rocket high. This draws the attention of the residents to other localities that offer better infrastructure, better road connectivity and affordable. Mulund is one such region in Mumbai that is said to be the best real estate destination today due to location advantage. There are several flats in Mumbai that offers a comfortable stay.

Enhanced living

Areas like LBS Road, Mulund Link Road, M.G Road, and Mulund Colony have been growing significantly. Some premium real estate developers like Haware Intelligentia have chosen Mulund for designing Smart homes. Today, the world is digitalized and people would prefer a digitalized home that can be operated within a click of the button. Intelligentia Haware is just ten mins away from Mulund and offers premium flats that are full of amenities.

Growth in Mulund

Many investors, real estate developers, and potential home buyers are eyeing on Mulund for their upcoming projects as it promises a comfortable lifestyle with the highest investment returns. There is a phenomenal growth in real estate market in Mulund, attracting both middle-income groups and affluent income groups to buy their dream home in Mulund. There are leisure and entertainment centers, top healthcare facility centers, prestigious educational institutions, and luxurious residential properties in Mulund that promises the best stay for the residents.

Future prospects

Mulund is well-connected to the city as well as the suburbs of Mumbai. The proposed infrastructural projects like Monorail and Metro connectivity is a boon to Mulund as it enhances connectivity. No longer residents have to waste hours and hours in reaching from one place to another. There are other developmental projects proposed in Mulund to make it a better locality in the nearing future.

Thus, Mulund offers some of the best properties that are worth investing. Potentiality lies everywhere but especially in Mulund; it is going to stay forever. Choose Mulund for your dream home and you will never regret your decision.

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